Trading Grid Cartographer Postman Collection

Trading Grid Cartographer provides customers with an advanced level of visibility into which maps are live, what each map is doing, and the ability to collaborate across maps to ensure all expectations are being met. Our APIs are designed to provide additional options for visibility into your OpenText mapping solution.

Below is the list of APIs supported:

  • Authentication
  • Get solutions
  • Get maps
  • Map details
  • Map comments
  • Get map reservation info
  • Reserve map
  • Unreserve maps
  • Add map version
  • Get map versions
  • Download map
  • Get tuples
  • Get Xref Tables
  • Get xref table details

Import Postman Collection

The collection can be imported in the postman application using the "import from file" option.


Authentication API is used to get access tokens for customers based on name and password. Response of this API has a field called “accessToken” which is used as a token in header parameter of REST APIs.

API Documentation