Converting RightFax COM API integration to Web API and looking for the fax XML metadata

When you got a fax via the COM API there is an XML property that contains metadata for the fax. I cannot find the same functionality in the Web API. DocumentFiles seemed like it had potential but I can't see where you get anything other than the fax in PDF or TIFF. Documents/{id} does have some of the metadata but not nearly as much as the XML via COM and it's only in json. Same with GET /DocumentMetadata except even less data.

Question: Does the Web API support the fax XML metadata equivalent of the COM API? If so, what Web API call?


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    There is different team for Right Fax . We have sent an email to RightFax Team.

    Below is the response from them.

    While there is no single Web API endpoint that provides the same data, the equivalent data should be available across several endpoints: 

    GET /Documents

    GET /DocumentAnnotations

    GET /DocumentImages

    GET /DocumentMetadata

    GET /DocumentPages

    Property names are sometimes quite different between the COM API and the Web API, so if the customer is not finding what they need in any of those endpoints, please ask for specific details and we can try to assist.

    The Web API deals with JSON format so if XML format is needed then the customer would have to map the data from one format to the other, which is relatively straightforward.

    Prabhakaran R