Vue dialog called from Create panel uneditable


For the case of the regular metadata panel (i.e. accessible after item is created) this all works just fine. However, it doesn't work from the create panel for an object.

What I have is a dialog which is called by clicking on an icon beside a category attribute field. To do this, I created my own extension to the alpaca text field ('csui/controls/form/fields/alpaca/alpcsuitextfield') and in the postRender function for the al paca field, add a button, which when clicked, pops up a dialog box written in Vue.

As I said, in the original version, which only appears on a metadata panel, this works just fine. However, if I try to do the same on the create panel (i.e. you are creating a document or a business WS with mandatory metadata to fill in), I get the same Vue dialog, but I am unable to click into any of my input fields in the Vue dialog.

I checked and all the input fields are focusable, and clickable, and I even tested that when I focus it, I test to see whether the item is writable.

My only suspicion now is that something on the Create panel is somehow preventing anything else from accepting input. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? I still am not overly experienced with the Backbone/Marionette framework, so I don't know how to test the create item metadata panel to see what could be blocking.



  • I found a way to work around this problem, but I really don't like it.

    I managed to get the focused element which was the modal div which represents the entire Create form. I discovered by accident that if I turn off the display setting on it, my child dialog becomes editable. So my current plan is to set the display on the calling panel to none and when my dialog closes, it sets it back to block.

    I really wish I had a better solution for this but Smart UI is really not designed to allow 3rd parties to extend existing screens.