Errors when installing CSUI SDK


I would have thought this would have been dealt with by now. The package-lock.json references files that are behind the OpenText firewall, but here we are at CS 23.1 and it's the same problem. This is my first time back at Smart UI after a 2 year hiatus. We managed to do something but here is what I am doing. From the CSUI SDK instructions:

  1. Install NodeJS 12 (any recent NodeJS version should work)
  2. Install Grunt: "npm i -g npm grunt-cli"
  3. Change directory to the unpacked SDK root
  4. Run "npm ci"
  5. Run "npm start"
  6. Navigate to http://localhost:7777/sample-index.html

I get as far as step #4 and it breaks.

I tried removing the package-lock.json as it has all references to packages in which is inside corporate firewall. That gave me this set of errors instead:

I'm running nodeJS 18.15