xECM Automatic Relationship for Business Workspaces


Can anyone shine a light on how to configure automatic business workspace relationship from SAP? xECM v21.4.

I understand the parent-child relationship of the Business Objects must first be defined in SAP (i.e. Customer and Products). But how this relationship is propagated to CS remains a mystery.

The customizing guide (section mentions the following:

Automatic relationships must be created in the business application, so additional coding is required. For more information about the property provider, see Implementing a property provider in SAP."

But it does not provide exactly what needs to be done to make this happen. The section "Implementing a property provider in SAP" does not provide any more information on automatic relationship.

From further investigations, there seems to be a class from OT which can be called to get the parent-child relationship. What exactly is the name of the class (or BAPI call)? What does the relationship look like? and how is it used on the CS side?

Thanks in advance.