What's New - Decision Service now available

Karen Weir
Karen Weir E Community Administrator

Decision Service is now live, available as part of Developer Plan subscription alongside other Information Management services.

Use Decision Service to:

  1. Automate business decisions: Model your business rules as a set of decisions, reducing manual overhead and automating the decision-making process.
  2. Adopt business changes quickly: Be more agile by quickly changing business rules to meet changing business requirements.
  3. Reduce errors and increase efficiency: Use decision service to automate and handle redundant and complex decisions in the business, reducing errors and increasing the overall efficiency.

Decision service can be used to handle business decisions in the applications using defined business rules. To help you design a decision model and manage business rules, a new decision table modeler is now available as part of our Developer Tools Extension Pack for VS Code. Using the decision table modeler, we can build the required decision model definitions which are compliant with the DMN (Decision Model and Notation) specifications. The REST APIs provided in this service can be used to deploy and manage DMN compliant decision models, execute decisions and track historic decision executions.

Some of the key features of the Decision Service are:

  • DMN standards-based decision model support.
  • Support for multiple inputs and multiple outcomes across various datatypes in the decision executions.
  • Single rule or multiple rules evaluation support, based on configurable hit policies.
  • Support for aggregations based on decision outcomes.
  • Support for dynamic computations on decision inputs or outcomes using expressions.