Follow your Product Category to personalize your experience

Karen Weir
Karen Weir E Community Administrator
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Quick Links

Following product categories allows you to refine your experience by listing only products you follow in the Quick Links list.

Email Notifications

This feature also allows you to receive email notifications on all new posts and comments for the selected product category:

  1. Choose a product category
  2. Click the bell icon
  3. Click Follow Category
  4. Select the check boxes for types of notifications

To review all available notification settings:

  1. Click on the bell icon in the header
  2. Click on the slider icon at the top of the drop down
  3. A complete list of all notifications options will appear for you to manage

Refine Search Results

The other benefit to following product categories is the ability to refine search results to only posts from your followed categories:

  1. In the Search Results page, click on the Discussions button
  2. In the Filter Results panel, choose "Search Followed Categories Only"
  3. Click Filter