Download files from Content Server using SFTP

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Hi All,

We have requirement to download 5000 files from Content Server to client network.

Content server is on OT cloud. what is best way of doing this, we have SFTP provided by opentext.

Zip and download can be used but is there any other better way?


  • Collections has an option called Make A Disk Image so you could use that or you can just gather all the content into a collection, even from a Search, and work from there.

    If you have the Enterprise Connect solution you can do a drag and drop with Windows Explorer.

    If you want a programatic approach then there is a REST API for Content Server, as well as the option for Browser automation too.

  • Hello Greg,

    Does it mean that REST API for Content Server is exposed externally when Content Server is hosted OpenText cloud and can be used to upload/download documents?


  • usually it is, but you would need to check with OT about access, load etc in case they block or manage REST traffic.