Extsream - What is the # of digits limitations for numerical variables?

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I have a Data overflow error noted in the Run report document

This has to do with a variable (mapped in the DRV file as "float" type) with the value of 1587081703043010.8

The output of the value truncates it by 1 digit to 158,708,170,304,301, which shows the number incorrectly.

Given that I received the data overflow error for this variable. I want to find out the digit limitations for following numerical variable types:

  1. Float
  2. Integer
  3. Currency

If you have information on the character limits of other variable types, that will be very helpful as well. Thank you.


  • Float: Mantissa and exponent (mantissa is around 18 digits).
    Integer: Range of minus 2^31 to plus 2^31.
    Currency: Limit is 14 places to the left of the decimal and four to the right of the decimal.

    If you exceed these limits, the engine will issue a message (EX003016E)

    Jayakumar Sivasankaran | Lead Technical Support Specialist

  • Thank you, Jayakumar! This information is very helpful.