We are utilizing eDOCS/API vers 16.7.2 When add documents via Rest API, file created as zero bytes

Jason Tohlen
edited August 30, 2023 in eDOCS #1

I have a java program that is utilizing the eDOCS API vers 16.7.2, when uploading a file via Swagger it works fine and the document is created successfully, it is unlocked (no red mark on thumbnail) and its not zero bytes. However, when I attempt to add a document via my java class, the document is created, however the thumbnail displays a red checkmark (locked) and the file itself (tiff or PDF) is zero bytes. If anyone has run into this or can tell me also why Posting a document via Swagger works and appears "checked in" while posting it via my java class its not checked in and its a zero byte file, I would appreciate the help. I should note trying to add the file via Postman I get the same issue, it only works via Swagger..



  • Hello,

    It’s interesting that uploading via Swagger works as expected, but when using your Java class or Postman, the document appears locked and is zero bytes. You can troubleshoot this: Authentication and Permissions:
    Ensure that your Java program and Postman are using the same authentication as Swagger. Permissions might differ, affecting the document state. Content Encoding: When posting via your Java class or Postman, check the content encoding (e.g., UTF-8) to ensure it matches what Swagger uses. Headers and Metadata: Compare the headers and metadata sent by Swagger with those in your Java class or Postman requests. Any missing or incorrect headers could cause issues.

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