OTDS Push Connector API - how do you increase response timeout

We are working developing pushconnector, Our login API responded in responded 200 in 11789.7003 ms (11 seconds), Generic restime api has below log.

synchronized resource Pushconnector (42cb96c6-1695-428b-87b7-e5a92176cc7c). Reason: jakarta.ws.rs.ProcessingException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out

Other push connector API's taking even more longer for which we will face same issue.

Can we increase the readtimeout for OTDS. can we give response time upto 35 seconds.



  • To increase the response timeout for the OTDS Push Connector API, you can adjust the configuration related to the timeout settings. However, specific steps may vary based on the exact implementation and version of the software you're using. Here's a general guideline:

    1. Check Documentation: Refer to the official documentation for OTDS Push Connector or the framework you are using. Look for information related to timeout configurations.
    2. Configuration Files: Look for configuration files (e.g., XML, JSON) where you can modify the timeout settings. This could include properties like "readTimeout" or similar.
    3. Code Implementation: If the timeout is controlled programmatically, review the code where the API calls are made. You may need to adjust timeout parameters in the code.
    4. Contact Support: If you're unable to find the necessary information in the documentation or code, consider reaching out to OTDS Push Connector support or community forums for assistance.

    Remember, it's crucial to understand the specific implementation details and documentation of the OTDS Push Connector version you're using to ensure accurate configuration changes.

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