OpenText Developer Tools for VS Code

Karen Weir
Karen Weir E Community Administrator

The latest version of the extension pack can be found on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.  

However, we recommend installing it directly from within VS Code via the Extensions View by searching for “opentext” and installing the OpenText Cloud Developer Tools – Extension Pack. Installing the Extension Pack will install all the necessary extensions.

Once you have installed the extensions you’ll have access to the User Guide, which explains how to use the extension pack to develop and deploy applications that consume OpenText Services APIs.  

To access the User Guide simply click on the 'ot' icon in the Primary Side Bar of VS Code and select User Guide from the HELP AND FEEDBACK section.

Getting started

The tutorial walks you through how to build a React-based Contract Approval application. This application consumes the Services APIs and provides an end-to-end business scenario for reviewing, approving, and storing contract documents. It covers connecting to a developer organization, creating an information management-based application project with its different models, and deploying this application to the different APIs through the integrated ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) deployment functionality.

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