Fax Callback endpoint authentication


Could you please provide documentation on the authentication mechanisms implemented within the fax callback (webhook)?

When passing the report destination details as:

'reports' => [
'type' => 'detail',
'report_destination' => [
'url' => "http://xxxx.yyy.zzz/callback"

What are the supported authentication mechanisms to implement on the report_destination url in order for a successful callback to occur (Basic Auth, oAuth 2.0, etc..)?




  • GerardZ
    GerardZ Member

    I found this in the Fax REST API documentation:

    Authentication for callback URL

    We support basic authentication and digest authentication for callback URLs. If you provide username and password, the OpenText messaging service will use them when making requests.

    Could you please provide documentation for samples in callback URL requests using basic authentication and digest authentication.