401 Authentication Error When Trying to Send Emails using Cloud Messaging with Basic Authentication

Geozzz Member

Hi All,

I am able to successfully send emails using OpenText Cloud (POST /mra/v1/outbound/emails) -

However, when I try the same request using Cloud Messaging (POST /mra/v1/outbound/emails) - https://developer.opentext.com/ce/products/notifications/apis/sms-email-notifications-for-cloud-messaging
I end up getting a 401 response with the following error:


  "error_code": "2909",
  "error_message": "Authentication Error"
I am assuming it has something to do with my credentials. I am authenticating with HTTP Basic Authentication using my email (geovanni AT emailelment.com) and password, the same credentials I use to login.

I was following the start guide located on the forums (Quick start guide for cloud fax and notifications trial subscribers — OpenText - Forums).


Geovanni G