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Admin getting profile information by calling ProfileRead

I would like to retrieve another user's profile information such as billing info and customer reference. But in the ProfileRead request, the requester ID has to be the same as the profile that I am retrieving. Is there a way to use admin login and retrieve another user's profile?


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    Yes Using Switch Admin Concept, We need to pass TargetId in the request to read the profile of another User. So same Target Id and ProfileEntityName or ProfileEntityId has to be mentioned in the XOA request to fetch the details of the other user

    If TargetId is not present , or if it doesnt matches with the ProfileEntityName the below error will be thrown.
    XOA-4000 [invalid request] : RequesterID doesn't match requested user name"

    SampleRequest is attached

    Prabhakaran R
    Lead Software Engineer

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