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Connectivity Issue

Recently we have migrated to a standaloge server where we are facing issue while connecting to https://messaging.easylink.com/soap/sync.

This is being used for email function and the serve is not behind firewall as we are able to connect usign wget commant.

Please ntoe this used to work fine with earlier server and also we have updated the latest certificates.

Any urgent pointer would be great as this is impacting clients in prodution:


Nov 25, 2019 11:32:30 AM weblogic.wsee.WseeCoreMessages errorLogException
SEVERE: Error while invoking endpoint https://messaging.easylink.com/soap/sync from client; ServiceName: {http://ws.easylink.com/JobSubmit/2011/01}JobSubmitService ; PortName: {http://ws.easylink.com/JobSubmit/2011/01}JobSubmitPort ; Client side features: [weblogic.jws.jaxws.client.ClientIdentityFeature]; Client side policies:
<25-Nov-2019 11:32:30,084 o'clock WIB>

2019-11-25 10:10:05,189 INFO [Thread-202] com.db.eplus.service.emailService.impl.JobSubmit - Exception thrown while submitting the job to External idHTTP transport error: java.net.ConnectException: Tried all: 1 addresses, but could not connect over HTTPS to server: messaging.easylink.com port: 443

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