Setting create_date and modify_date using REST API

I am using the Content Server REST API to upload documents from a file share. I want to add the set the create_date and modify_date to the existing values from the file system. Is there a way to do that?

I see in the documentation that I can provide values for external_create_date and external_modify_date, but these do not set the create_date and modify_date of the document.

Best Answer


  • these dates are set by the system to ensure Auditing, RM etc are correct and so can't be changed via the simple API methods.

  • Thanks Greg, that makes sense. Is it possible to use a different API (e.g. CWS) to set the dates? I know it can be done with Object Importer, so I wonder if that capability is accessible to developers via a published API, or if Object Importer uses an unpublished API for setting the dates.

  • I would also be interested to know if there's any way of achieving this via other APIs?  
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