What happened to developer.opentext.com

  What happened to developer.opentext.com???  This used to be a central place I could go for details about all the OpenText REST API's, and I could send other developers there who didn't have KC/forums accounts.  Now, it only provides information about OT2.  Most of us are still working on on-prem solutions and will be for a while.  I have an old link to the API's that works, but I can't send anyone else there.  I and other developers need constant access to the Content Server REST API, the REST API Extensions for Smart UI, and the OTDS REST API. Where should people be going for this information?  At least the old developer site had all of these API's in one location.


  • Echoing Hugh's comments - information that was accessible for example regarding Content Suite/xECM APIs seemingly has been removed or has no navigation path in the revised developer.opentext.com.  

    Or is the intention that it is OT2 centric only?

    As Hugh asks - where are those looking to consume services and integrate to Content Suite, etc now expected to turn?

    @Karen Weir - not sure if you're monitoring and/or directly involved in the developer.opentext.com changes and can comment....but perhaps you catch this and can pass the feedback along.....at least the immediate changes that have been made have resulted in a site less useful than before!
  • @Henshaw_David@Hugh Ferguson - that site now points to https://appworksdeveloper.opentext.com, so you still have access to the original content. That content is currently being migrated under the new look of developer.opentext.com, and once that migration of content has occurred, we plan on deprecating the old experience for the new one.

    Not all products had their APIs listed under the old site, unfortunately, and the intention of the new experience is to truly fulfill that promise. While OT2 is being showcased on the new developer site, it is already hosting information, resources and references outside of the OT2 domain, and we will continue pursuing that agenda over the coming weeks and months. 

    All of the child pages that hung off the original developer domain are still there and simply redirected to the appworksdeveloper domain.

    Please let me know if there's something in particular you cannot find, although no content or pages have been deleted.

    Karen R
  • @Karen - thanks for the update, this is useful knowing that the content we were accustomed to accessing remains available.

    I can't speak for the completeness of the "old" developer.opentext.com site, but largely for us (and I assume Hugh knowing his "domain") it was the OpenText Content Suite/Server / xECM APIs and also OTDS that we commonly need to refer to.

    These are the ones I couldn't find on the new layout, so I assume we continue to revert to appworksdeveloper.opentext.com until they are migrated across?
  • @Henshaw_David Yes, you are correct. Keep referring to the appworksdeveloper.opentext.com site for now until we have moved them over.

    Older versions that do not conform to Swagger 2.0 or Open API 3, however, will be made available via PDF and referenced in its own forum post for archiving and searchability purposes once we have firmed up their new location(s). The new site supports the latest Swagger formats and we're working with the teams to ensure we can move their current API specs to one of these versions to provide a better experience overall. Once that's done, you'll be able to find them hanging off of https://developer.opentext.com/apis

    Note that currently, the OT2 service APIs are front and center on that page with a link to https://developer.opentext.com/apis/other to find the other OpenText product APIs. However, the intention is that over the coming months, we'll be looking at making the navigation for all OpenText product APIs laid out more simply once we have more OpenText product APIs migrated over. Watch this space. 
  • Hi Karen - thanks for the update.

    Ultimately, I believe those in the developer community working with OpenText products do need a single "portal" that they can reference re how to integrate with any OpenText product and via their preferred mechanism (REST or SOAP).

    So, if the end-game of developer.opentext.com is that I can "come in", find the platform I am looking to integrate to, get a list of available API "types" (SOAP/REST), drill down a layer into the specific endpoints available and have tangible examples of how to consume.....well, that would be nirvana.

    Even before the changes we're discussing above - developers had to consult differing location and know of their existance (e.g. the "old" developer.opentext.com site had little information on SOAP APIs, as it was seemingly geared towards those working REST APIs.

  • Got it - we won't get there on day one, but I agree with this as the ultimate goal.
  • Are the PDF's available yet? The site that you provided (https://appworksdeveloper.opentext.com) is not available. 
  • The site hasn't been deprecated yet - so I'm having our team look into why it's not resolving at this point in time. Thanks for letting us know (it was up earlier!). 
  • This is not working for me either.. https://appworksdeveloper.opentext.com/webaccess/

    I use this site extensively in my in-progress PoCs , Sales calls with customer to showcase Content Server REST APIs.
    I see the new design is making more and more  hard for me to show our REST API documentation.
    - First it was removed from the main Portal. Fortunately, I have a way back to go there with direct url: https://appworksdeveloper.opentext.com/webaccess/#url=%2Fawd%2Fresources%2Fapis%2Fcs-rest-api-for-cs-16-s&tab=501
    - Now today I see even the back door entry is also not working..

    This is the only way for me to showcase customer how extensive is our rest services apis. Can you please help me here to expalin how can I view this information?
  • The Content Server 20.3 REST API docs available on https://developer.opentext.com/apis/other
  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator EM admin
    Hi all,
    We have an update on our progress!  Click here to review the post, and bookmark it to receive follow-on updates.

    Karen Weir | Forum Moderator | OpenText

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