Feasibility of a Scenario with content server and appworks

I have a scenario wich looks like this

Everytime an employe inserts a new Document in a businness workspace of a certain categorie I would like a business process to start in appworks.

Is there a way for content server to emit a (event message call) to Appworks so that the process could reclassify and automate actinos to be done by this docuemnt)

Or Do i have to have a process on a time scheduled to poke content for new entrys?

Has anyone done this or thought of it

Thank You


  • @DominicLaf both are possible depending on what how customised you want the system to be.

    For your first case, I would personally use an OScript level callback event to do what you need, but it may also be possible with a WebReport trigger.

    Your second case could be done via a scheduled WebReport or a custom OScript Agent for example or even something outside OTCS like a PowerShell script scheduled via AT calling the REST/WebService APIs.
  • DominicLaf
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    So to keep it mostly out of the box use would be webreports or OScript

    I am familliar with Web Reports but OScript either i have never seens it named as such or not aware of it could you refer me to articles in the support documentation?
  • OScript is what the code is written in using the SDK Tools like CS IDE / Builder. A good primer on common development options can be found at


  • @DominicLaf did you manage to get it working? We too have a requirement where we'd like to initiate a process in Appworks on a particular action. And there are couple of ways I think it can be achieved

    1. REST : Web Reports have a tag for calling REST client. So if your Appworks instance have REST Connector installed, i think it is possible. Unfortunately our customer doesnt want REST Connector to be installed on AppWorks as it is a "community" connector.
    2. RUNSHELL: Runshell tag in webreport allows you to execute batch or python. from batch file I am calling Powershell script which calls Appoworks SOAP API. Unfortunately my initial tests are unsuccessful. I am able to call SOAP API from Powershell when I run the batch file manually. But when I call it from WebReports, it doesnt work for some reason.

    So wondering how did you manage to achieve your requirement?

  • @Greg Griffiths runshell and passing parameters doesnt work as explained in the guide, we are able to run the shell and get the value for $1 in the server but when we pass the parameter [LL_REPTAG_"examples/hello_world.bat Test" RUNSHELL /] is not printing the Test in the output