Rightfax Send fax RestAPI failed with special characters

We are using RightFax 21.2 integration with Rest API.

While using Sendjobs API method, we are sending Recipient details, with "citystate" parameter having some special characters like & or #.

When we pass this parameter in 'SendJobs' API method, it returns status code 400 with error message "Recipients[0] is invalid"

If we encode and send this parameter ('citystate') in 'SendJobs' API, then fax sent successfully, however in cover page its display encoded parameter in 'Citystate' field e.g Abc%26test.

Can anybody please suggest how can we send special characters in this parameter?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • It is a defect. Please raise a ticket to RightFax Support Team.

    This forum is for CLOUD FAX AND NOTIFICATIONS.

    Prabhakaran R

  • I am observing a similar issue with RightFax, in our case if Company contains a string e.g.

    "Company":"Dermatology , Name: Luke Gibbins, DOB: 7-11-80" it fails with the exact same error. Where are the errors logs saved? How do we know what is truly wrong?

  • Hi

    This API Forum is for CLOUD FAX and Notifications.

    I have sent your query to corresponding team. Please find below the response from them.

    In response to security requirements, API properties do not support special characters by default. Since that change was put into affect, some API properties have been opened up to allow certain special characters, on a case by case basis. A bug should be opened to address any such issues.
    I seem to recall the "CityState" field being fixed at some point, but I could be wrong about that. Support could search JIRA and find out which version(s) any such fixes were made in.

    Prabhakaran R