Hiding commands - global masks


Hello guys,

we can hide commands in different widgets with conguration of module.config() - see

https://forums.opentext.com/forums/developer/discussion/comment/965479#Comment_965479 and usefull comment by Ferdinand Prantl


The problem is, that we have to write a signature like String. So if we want to hide the same command for different toolbars we have to duplicate the same list multiple times.

I was experimenting with global mask but they also use module.config() which probably does not support links to external files like csui-ext! do.

But voila, there are some other config file like children and creation.toolitems.mask . What do they do? They use csui-ext! config possibility so you can do something like

` "file" : { "extension" : { "yourmodulename" : ["string path to your extension"]}}`

Any ideas? Any documentation? Any anything that would help me? :)

My idea is to create one list of signatures that would be applied to multiple toolbars. At the end to all widgets with global mask config file.

In smart UI see this path - lib\src\csui\utils\toolitem.masks