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Where can I edit the email every time I send fax?

I am new on opentext, and I'm just wondering why do I receive an email every sent of fax? The subject of the email is like "Delivery Report <job id>" something like this. Hopefully someone can help me to understand this. Thank you



  • If the Job is submitted through MyPortal or through JobSubmit API. You would have specified Delivery Report in the request. This causes the Delivery of the Report which says whether your fax is delivered or not.

    It Requests the delivery report for the current message. The report may be sent to one or more destinations and the report template can be chosen.

    This item has different meanings for different systems. For faxREACH® and voiceREACH®, it means a completion report. For messageREACH®, this means a posting report, i.e. a report sent after all primary deliveries have completed. To order a completion report for messageREACH®, one must specify the FinalReport element.

    Please Refer https://apiforums.easylink.com/emapidocs/26/JobSubmit/JobSubmitRequest.html for further more information

    Prabhakaran R