Core Capture Services REST API Authentification

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We are trying to implement the Core Capture Services REST API(, but I am having a hard time putting it in place.
I am trying to make calls to the Core Capture Services REST API via Postman to our development server.
Some calls were not secured, so I was able to get an answer, but for others I received an 401 error.
GET {{host}}/cp-rest/about?suppress_response_codes=suppress_response_codes
and I get

"returnStatus": {
"status": 401,
"substatus": 0,
"code": "ER8012",
"message": "[M8012] La demande a été rejetée en raison d'un ticket de session d'authentification non valide ou ayant expiré.",
"server": "WI"

I would like to know how I can generate an OAuth2 token.
Which endpoint should be called? otds endpoint? What information is needed to be passed?
If a client-id/secret is needed, how can one be generated?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any help.


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  • Hello, Core Capture comes in two flavours: a SaaS application, stand alone, with UI - and as Micro Services (REST API) - no UI, just REST calls. In order to use the REST API, you will need to have a Core Capture Services subscription or a Developer Cloud Subscription (that includes Core Capture Services).

    Which one do you have?

    If you don't have one, you can setup your free trial on - go to Plans and create your free trial there. After that, go to the link @Karen Weir posted above and that should get you going with the authentication.

  • In fact, we have installed intelligent capture on our servers and we already have a web client to consume our capture flows. We saw that the webclient is making REST API calls. What we want is to be able to access that REST API through another application, such as our Postman.
    The {{host}} is the URL of our on-premises server.
    I found out that we need to get a token from the OTDS server in order to call the secured endpoints of the REST API, such as /session/files, etc.
    The question is how to make the REST API accept the OTDS token ?

  • Well, this is a question for the Intelligent Capture discussion forum, but I can give you some info:

    • WebClient is using a trimmed down version of the IntelligentCapture REST Server. In order to use the full REST capabilities, you should have a separate license for the Intelligent Capture REST Server
    • Once you have that, the Installation Guide will help you with all the settings needed:
    • Then, the REST API developer guide will guide you through getting a new token to work:

    You can find both documents in the My Support area of

  • Thanks @LazarescuA ,
    is it possible to send the links of these documentation ?

  • Thank you @LazarescuA , we'll look at ways to clarify the Capture options available to developers.

    @A_N , to access the documentation mentioned, please update your account to gain access to My Support.

  • I already have access to mySupport.
    Could you please provide the URLs of the two articles mentioned by @LazarescuA?