Change to Capture application URL in Build & Test region

Roger K
Roger K E Community Moderator
edited February 19 in Articles #1

With the recent upgrade to Capture services within the developer Build & Test region (NA-1-DEV), the preferred login url for the Capture applications (web and desktop clients) has changed. This change is to align with the URL used within the commercial regions.

The url to be used for the web client is now of the form shown below and is used in Admin Center as the Link To App within the Capture application subscription within a tenant.<capture_subscription_name>

The /capture?subscription-name=<capture_subscription_name> part is optional.

Within the desktop Capture Designer application login form, the URL used should be

The old url of<capture_subscription_name> should continue to work for now but you should replace this url within any bookmarks and code asap as it is not guaranteed to function correctly going forward.