Login failed in core capture designer !


I was trying to use core capture designer after installing it , but the login fails , not sure about the

parameters , is the URL correct ?


  • LazarescuA

    Hello @Med_2024 ,

    The URL is correct.

    You will also need the Site Name. To get it, go to Admin Center, your Tenant then Apps (apps inside the Tenant, not the Apps node at the Organization level). Locate the Core Capture application and click on it. Click on the "Link to application" button. This will take you to Core Capture and you will see the link as something like this: https://capture.devxprod.ot2.opentext.com/home/create?subscription-name=lazarescu-cap

    The Site Name is the above subscription-name without the ending "-cap". So, for me, the settings look like this:

    The first time you click on Connect, the Login Page will stay displayed and refresh the Subscription Name combo box. Once that is populated (which means there is a successful login) - just click connect again.

    PS: Important: You need to use your username (email address) and the TENANT password.

    If you just login to Admin Center with your OTConnect credentials, those will not work here. OTConnect is an external IdP for Developer Cloud, meaning that it is trusted but it is not the native one.

    In order to get your Tenant password, you can login to Admin Center using your current OTConnect credentials, go to your tenant and, in the top-right corner, in the user menu, you can choose Reset Tenant Password. This will reset your native password. Use that with Core Capture designer and it should work.

  • @LazarescuA , resetting the tenant password did the trick - Thank you