Using the REST API, Can a fax status update be returned via webhook callback and email.


Our team is looking to get a report sent to the email id if passed in the request payload of the REST API fax request. We expect the webhook callback URL call (Json) and Email (user friendly format) in this scenario. Please let us know if this is not a right understanding of how the reports will work.

For example:

              The teams Dev account is configured to call our API for any fax status update.

              If we pass a email id in report_destinations, we want the email sent when the final status for fax is available and also a call to our api with the same data. Is this possible?



  • rmallya
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    Hi GerardZ,

    You can provide reports template as "restful_wsda" & give multiple report_destinations :

    Example :

    "reports": {
    "type": "detail",
    "template" : "restful_wsda",
    "report_destinations": [
    "email": "email_here"
    "url": "url_here"

    Please try this, and check if it meets your requirements.