How to implement the .aspx pages in Sitepublisher components



    We are currently using Teamsite 7.4.1 and there is no Livesite been purchased at the runtime. Now currently Business wants to implement all existing html and .aspx pages which are working with IIS and .net framework to be implemented in WCM Teamsite and the same been deployed to the IIS and .net framework to render both .html pages and .aspx dynamic pages. 


   I have few questions here -


1. I heard in the latest version of teamsite 7.4.1, we can able to integrate all .aspx pages in sitepublisher component. If so, could you please share your experience or any document would really helps.

2. If I could able to achieve .aspx pages in sitepublisher component, whether OOTB publish livesite content workflow will deploy to runtime application to IIS without any further customization. Please advise.

3. I believe at the runtime server, though we dont have livesite environment we could able to render all dynamic pages of .aspx (which was generated through sitepublisher components) successfully with the help of IIS and .Net framework. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.


Please help me to understand all the above queries and would appreciate if you could share some documents on this. Thanks in advance.







  • Not to deflect the question, but these questions lead to further questions and so on. This is the type of thing where you'd want to have a much larger discussion with someone who's familiar with the product. As such, I'd suggest you engage HP Professional Services or similar partner to help you with your design.

  • Hi,


        Raised support case already to get more information on this, but no reply yet. Any suggestion or comments from anyone who has implemented such cases would be more appreciated and help others if they have the same kind of requirement going forward. Please let me know.






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