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Documentum, FileNet and Open Text Cloud Presence

Hello all,

Here few points which i know on Open Text Cloud, FileNet. To be frank i don't have much knowledge on Open Text Cloud but I know about IBM if do any wrong please help me out.

IBM offer all major ECM products in cloud:

IBM FileNet P8 Platform
IBM Case Manager
IBM Content Manager OnDemand
IBM Content Navigator
look for details http://www.ibm.com/marketplace/cloud/enterprise-content-management/us/en-us

or just call your ibm sales rep

I hope this helps,



  • edited March 20, 2018

    Hi Sarah,

    Was this intended as a response to someone? If so, you started a new thread rather than responding to an existing one.

    In any case, the Analytics forum is for the iServer, iHub, and Analytics Designer products, so I'm not sure if this is the right location if you had a question you were looking for help answering.

    Chad Montgomery
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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