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Auto Refresh in Dashboard Doesn't Work

Hi All,

I have setup iHub using Postgresql. When I create a dashboard using a simple column chart, the data reflects fine from database.

When I do a page-refresh (using Cntrl+R) in the dashboard page or open the dashboard from Documents > Dashboard path, it still works fine and reflects any change done in the DB.

However, when I setup auto-refresh in the dashboard (currently set to 30sec) and make a change in the DB, the refreshed data doesn't reflect in my dashboard after the refresh. Also, using refresh option manually from the menu doesn't give any modified result as well...it just shows the old data. Please note that page-refresh or opening dashboard page once again works perfectly fine.

Can you please with troubleshooting steps.


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    David Sciuto

  • Hello,

    I have an issue with Auto-refresh. I have created a dashboard and given logic to refresh for every 2 minutes. It working fine and refreshing the report viewer but after 4 hours it was showing error as "Report Render failed". I am not getting any idea why i am getting this issue. I am working for this issue since three days but still i am unable to solve the issue. Can anyone please suggest be logic code for "Auto-Refresh". Thanks in advance.

    Sai Krishna

    Thanks & Regards,
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