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Hi Experts,

I want to config to start  a workflow automatically, can any one please tell us to folllow the steps.

Please dont suggest go through the development guide.

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    To autostart a worflow you can make use of the D2LifecycleBatch job. First make a workflow and add a workflow config in D2. Then make sure you have a lifecycle config with a status where a 'start workflow' action is executed. At last create a lifecycle batch configuration where you promote to the created lifecycle state.

    That should be it!

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    Hi Antal,

    Thanks for providing hint on my query.

    But could you please provide some screenshots on the lifecycle batch.

    How to configure it, it would be veryhelpful for me. Thanks a lot in Advance.

  • HetBenktHetBenkt Sr. Technical Consultant
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    Follow these steps:

    • First create a process with the workflow manager (It's part of the composer tool); save it in the repository, validate and install it.
    • Then open D2-Config and login
    • Create a new workflow config
      • File -> New -> Workflow (see screenshot 1)
    • Select your workflow template, config your tasks if required for your flow and save it all (see screenshot 2)
    • Create a new lifecycle config
      • File -> New -> Lifecycle (see screenshot 3)
    • Add a second state and make sure you can promote to that state (see screenshot 4a)
    • In the second state add an Action Type 'Send in workflow' and select your created D2 flow (see screenshot 4b)
    • Create a new lifecycle batch config
      • File -> New -> Lifecycle batch (see screenshot 5)
    • Select your just created lifecycle, target state and transition type (see screenshot 6)
    • Mark the new created lifecycle batch config in the main matrix; the rest is not required as they are called from the batch (see screenshot 7)
    • Now make sure you have a document in the repository where the a_status property has the value of the first lifecycle state
    • Then run the D2 documentum job with the name 'D2JobLifecycleBatch'
      • The job promotes the document to your next state; And in this state the lifecycle actions are executed (what is starting our flow!)

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    Thanks for your help.

    We have a requirement to change the document status up on user selection of the doc status values.

    Here my concern is how to display doc_status attribute in the user task and how we can store those values in the docu_status attribute up on user selection and clicking ok button.

    Can anyone explain the same with the example. Thanks a lot for your help.

  • HetBenktHetBenkt Sr. Technical Consultant
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    You need to add the document as package to your workflow and also add a manual task in the workflow that will be assigned to someone. In D2-Config you configut the manual task in the workflow configuration and for example in the task subject you can use something like ${doc_status} to read the value and show it in the tasks widget. To change the value you need to add a property page to the workspace where you can update the doc_status value.

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    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I have added property page in the forward page/reject page. But when user select the doc_status property values, its not updating the doc_status values in the attachment metadata.

    Could you please provide some examples on it. If require please add workflow+lifecycle combination on the same.

    Thanks in advance.

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