Custum Listener


I have a static file named “SiteMap.xml”. When I publish this file, I want to create a Listener that intercept the publish job, change the content of the file (with a function that I created) and then publish it.
So I have some questions:
• How can I intercept the publish job of this file?
• Which function allow me to get the static file?
• In my Listener Java class, the event has to be an instanceOf what?
• In the configConsole, which event should I modify to add my Listener class?
PS: the function that I created Is going to get the channels of a site, some channel’s ContentAssociations and their ManagedObject, so my listener should be on the Management Stage so that I can get all these information ,am I correct?

Thanks in advance for your response and Happy New Year !!

Best regards

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