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iHub error 8051

I have noticed an error as below. Does anyone has any insights n the below.

Error code: 8051
Error description: Cannot stop the server. The specified server is not a cluster member.
Parameter: localhost
Filename: clusterserverops.cpp
Line: 436

AcClientIpcEndPointSocket connect error : m_socket : 5 errno : 111
Begin stopping encyclopedia engine, grace period: 0



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    David Sciuto

  • Hi Uy9,

    The error m_socket : 5 errno : 111 usually are OS errors that relate to obtaining ports for various processes the ihub/iserver need. Please make sure that a port mapping service is available.

    This could also occur if you are not fully license for the amount of processes you are using. Please double check the license capacity compared to the server capacity.

    Are you seeing any issues with your iHub/iServer while seeing these messages in the logs?

    Support can investigate further with your log files if you open a support ticket at [email protected]


    Jeffrey Neneman

    OpenText - Analytics: http://www.opentext.com
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