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D2-Config and D2 installation error

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Hi Guys,

I am getting below error while opening the D2 and D2-Config.

Can any body let me know, which classpath i need to set for both of application.




  • evgeny_vevgeny_v Evgeny Voronov
    edited April 20, 2017


    Few questions here

    1. What version you're trying to install?

    2. The installation process itself went without any errors?

    3. What's in the application logs?

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    I actually deploy D2-Config in my local Tomcat server. So after deployment its giving like this. I  am using D2-Congot 4.5 Patch22 version.

  • evgeny_vevgeny_v Evgeny Voronov
    edited April 21, 2017

    It doesn't look to be deployed properly. When using Tomcat - you have nothing specific to set in the CLASSPATH except the stuff mentioned in the Guide, such as modifying catalina.properties common.loader (refer to the D2 4.5 Installation guide, page 35)

    • Check if you have this folder <tomcat webapps>\D2\WEB-INF\classes\com\emc\x3\portal\server\utils\ and if there's something in there
    • If no, open the WAR (with 7zip for e.g) file and ensure that the same path existing. If it does->
      • Stop the app server
      • Delete everything in TEMP folder within the Tomcat install derictory
      • Delete everything in WORK folder
      • in WEBAPPS folder, delete D2/D2-Config deployed folder so that you could only have WARs placed there.
      • Start the Application server to re-deploy the apps.

    If it doesn't' help

    • We would need to see the logs for both D2/D2-Config in debug mode
    • application server config files


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