preference repository issue

Experts, i am getting below error while starting webtop
com.documentum.web.env.PreferenceRepository$DisabledException: preference repository credential is not configured in app.xml

Even i am using only one repository that is global repo as well, so i dont think we need to provide credentials in app.xml, can anyone give idea about this error and how to resolve ?


  • Even if there is only one docbase, the passwords for preset and preferences users i.e., dmc_wdk_presets_owner and dmc_wdk_preferences_owner should be encrypted and updated in the wdk/app.xml file to avoid the errors completely.

    Hari Gadhamsetty
    Architect, Consulting Services

  • Yes i agreed, but password encrypt tool is also not working in web-inf/classes
    script for encryption is :
    java -cp .;../lib/dfc.jar;../lib/commons-io-1.2.jar;../lib/certjFIPS.jar;../lib/jsafeFIPS.jar TrustedAuthenticatorTool webtop

  • Hi,

    you can refer to Webtop Deployment Guide page 36 (Enabling presets and preferences repositories) for step by step.

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